Rupert Murdoch takes to twitter-sphere to spruik pay TV bargain

He may be worth billions but ”Citizen” Rupert Murdoch has not lost his common touch.

He performed the public service on Monday of tweeting the great value to be found in the services of his pay TV/cable businesses for budget-conscious consumers.

”$90 for 100& 24/7 tv channels expensive? Try family outing two-hour movie and compare,” says Rupert, who has obviously graced the cineplexes recently with family in tow.

Last week Murdoch was tweeting about other thrifty deals such as the subscription offer from News Corp paper The Times, which was offering Spotify free to its digital subscribers.

”Fabulous tone quality. I link spotify to my Jambox,” he tweeted of the music download service.

Jambox, for the digitally unhip, is a portable Bluetooth speaker.

Don’t expect Bing Crosby on Rupert’s Jambox. Black Eyed Peas front man is one of only 78 people Rupert follows on Twitter.RBA in the market

Is the RBA making a call on the housing market by putting a ”for sale” sign on its Kirribilli mansion?

The sales blurb describes it as a ”grand federation manor in an exclusive peninsula enclave” with six bedrooms, five with ensuite, 3.5-metre ornate ceilings and parking for four cars.

The home, which is next door to an RBA training facility, has been owned by the bank since 1986 but it has been rented as two separate properties to external parties for years.

In fact, this appears to have caused some issues for the bank when it came time to turf the tenants last year, with the spat making its way to the office of Glenn ”the Guv” Stevens.

In documents released under the Freedom of Information Act, an RBA internal email from June 6 reads: ”The letter from the [name expunged] is somewhat emotive and contemplates actions beyond the nature of the contractual relationship. We are looking for a polite, un-emotive response that clearly articulates our rights as landlord to terminate the lease.”

It adds: ”Noting this letter has been sent directly to the Governor of the RBA we are requesting a timely response.”

By June 14 a letter was making its way to the tenant on behalf of ”the Guv” and expiry of the lease was not the only issue addressed.

”I note your request to negotiate off market for the acquisition of the property, if the Bank decided to sell it. If the Bank were to sell any of its properties, for reasons of probity and in the taxpayers’ interests, it would approach the market transparently and at arm’s length.”

For the record, the RBA will be approaching the market ”at arm’s length” on March 22. No word on whether ”the Guv” is open to offers.Pot luck for Joyce

Qantas chairman Leigh Clifford added $1000 to the charity pot of his chief executive, Alan Joyce, just ahead of Monday night’s Qantas-sponsored CEO CookOff.

The only question is whether Clifford was in a charitable mood, or, was he rewarding his CEO’s successful appeal to government philanthropy last week?

Joyce also received $5000 from the Dick and Pip Smith Foundation, and $500 from Lachlan Murdoch.

It starts a social week for Joyce. He welcomes the cast and crew of hit US TV series Modern Family on Thursday as official sponsor.

Coincidentally, Modern Family is produced by the Murdoch family’s 21st Century Fox and is broadcast locally on the Lachlan-chaired Ten.A Williams worry

CBD is wondering if Kim Williams’ new role as an AFL commissioner might be causing a little indigestion for his former employer, pay TV broadcaster Foxtel, and in the free-to-air broadcast industry.

The AFL is already gearing up for the next round of negotiations over broadcast rights for its code.

Williams, in his former role as Foxtel boss, was at the core of negotiations on the last rights deal that Foxtel stitched up with Seven.

The deal didn’t go down well with Lachlan Murdoch in his role at Ten and is said to have helped ensure Kim’s departure from News Corp.

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