Dubbo looks stunning as businesses prepare for visit from Prince Harry and Meghan, Duke and Duchess of Sussex

Dubbo looks stunning as businesses prepare for visit from Prince Harry and Meghan Royal ready: Owners of Harry’s for Menswear Peter and Wendy Sutton are among many businesses to celebrate the upcoming royal visit. Photo: Belinda Soole


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12345678910111213 – Across the city businesses have decked-out their shopfronts with lifelike cut-outs, bunting, crowns, jewels and signs to show their excitement for Prince Harry and Meghan’s visit to Dubbo on Wednesday.

DubboRegional Council encouraged local business owners to show their royal excitement by announcingtwo prizes of $1000 for the best window display.

Harry’s for Menswear ownerPeter Sutton said choosing his grandfather’s name for his business had been relevant with Prince Harry’s profilethis year.

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“He seems to berelaxed andcontemporary. He’s doing the name fairly proudly,” Mr Sutton said.

Harry’s for Menswear first celebrated their namesake when they put out a banner of Prince Harry and Meghan’s wedding in May.

“Everyone was talking about iton social media, there was a lot of press about it,” he said.

“Low and behold an incident happened where a car went through our window and the media were on our doorstep and there was Harry and Meghan sitting in our window covering this drive throughit got some attention.”

Mr Sutton said they went all-out for the upcoming visit keeping up with their reputation for window displays.

“We like to get behind these special events, so when Harry and Meghan got married I thought we better put something up,” Mr Sutton said.

“When the announcement was made Iwas pretty chuffed, that’s a pretty good thing for Dubbo it was a case of‘alright lets get out all the flags and the posters and putour best foot forward’,” he said.

“It does bring a smile to customer’s faces, also those that are a little bit anti-royalshave a little bit of a snigger butthey have a smile on their face too.”

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Another business celebrating the upcoming visit is Bob Berry Real Estate.

Bob Berry Real Estate director Jane Donald said they wanted to fosterenjoymentfor the visit.

“We think it’s nearly a once in a lifetime opportunity for Dubbo,” Ms Donald said.

Shesaid thevisit would bring more than just excitement to the region.

“I think there’s a lot of opportunity for positive exposure for Dubbo, andthe flow-on effects of people seeing Dubbo in a positive light could mean economic benefits to the city,” Ms Donald said.

“It’s not whether you are a monarchist or a republican, it’s about the exposure to the city that we’re getting.

“Wewanted to have a bit of fun, it’s good to enjoy these situations, we’re giving staff time off to go to the picnic.”

See below map of some businesses with royaldecorations and products:

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